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Historic Preservation Specialist History

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National ParkOur beginning in historic preservation work started in Yellowstone National Park in 1976. The beauty of Old Faithful Inn and its counter part Old Faithful geyser seem to meet each other in the sky and complement one another like few things on the earth. This architecture radiates the natural world and invites visitor to explore nature and themselves. This concept has driven our company for the last twenty-five years, and will continue to do so into the future.

With our roots interwined in Yellowstone we moved on to other aspects and trades involved in historical preservation work. The downtown districts of Montana and Wyoming offered new challenges and for ten years we preserved business, churches, government buildings and private homes. We have also worked on state and federal historic sites including Bannack, Fort Union, Elkhorn, and historic buildings in Grand Teton Park, Bryce Canyon, and ruins in the southwest. The resulting experience of this work has led us to where we are now offering training, history education and the stabilization, restoration, and preservation of all pre-historic and historic structures.

Elkhorn, MontanaThe preservation field is a difficult path to follow, and it requires more than tools or experience. The appreciation of our ancestors achievements, and respect for their ideas is the motivating factor behind our mission.

Join us on our journey back in time, to find where we are now, and know where we have yet to go.

Preserving Americas Past
Intermountain Historic Preservation Center
P.O. Box 369
Wilsall, MT 59068
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